Cloud POS system

Cloud pos

A cloud POS system stores all of your small business information in the cloud. The cloud is a buzzword for a remote data center. Basically, instead of the software living on a server in your physically business, it’s hosted in a building full of servers that your POS vendor operates or leases from a third-party Web Services. As far as devices, a cloud POS can work on everything from a desktop or laptop computer to a more compact and mobile platforms like an iPad or tablet.

Cloud POS systems are cheaper and faster than their predecessors. However, one of the main reasons the cloud is better is its availability. As we just mentioned, whether you’re home, on vacation, or just a few feet away from the register, a business owner can do everything from inventory tracking to looking at sales reports.

With our cloud POS software, at the click of a button you can have all the vital information needed to run your business and make smart, data driven decisions. Your store updates as soon as sales are processed, giving you a real-time view of how your business is performing and more control over its direction that you’ve ever had before.

Cloud POS can often be adopted in stages according to need and budget. An existing solution that offers a seamless upgrade to cloud POS may be an option worth considering. A cloud POS vendor should use open application programming interfaces (APIs). This allows for easy "snap in" of third-party add-ons or services such as mobile or online ordering/payment and delivery.

cloud pos system

Consider cloud POS solutions that work even when the internet doesn’t. This requires a solution that is built on apps running on local devices that back up data to one another, whether the internet is up or down. Once connectivity is restored, the devices communicate with the cloud to re-sync.

All cloud-based POS data are stored in the cloud, which is highly secure. Usually, none of your data are stored on your devices, unless your POS app can function offline temporarily, in which case your device saves changes until the next time you’re online. If you lose all your hardware, you still have instant access to the sales data and system when logging in on a new computer or mobile device. The POS provider automatically performs any security updates needed in the software.