Privilege Card System

privilege card

We have developed a customised software in which the company provides cards to its customers and avails discounts for their services. Similary, a merchant who has registered to provide services to the customers through the card will be benefitted by getting more customers for their business. The commission facilty to the company is also handled appropriately.

Privilege card technology can provide real opportunities for innovation in business to generate new sources of income. Today in India where 70% of all the transactions conducted in cash with no involvement of a bank or financial institution. This indicator clearly shows the hidden cost involved in handling cash with uncertainty and risk, which comes with such transactions.

A Customer Privilege Software allows businesses to identify either repeat customers or potential repeat customers, and then send them incentives such as gift cards or rewards points so they return to that business. The reward to the customers comes in the form of discounts on Shopping. Privilege Card holders can also win shopping points once they made a certain amount of purchasing.

Modules of Card system

Digital Punch Cards

Keep it simple and run a traditional loyalty program where customers receive points from purchases to earn their loyalty reward.

Enroll at checkout

Customers sign up with the loyalty software at checkout by entering their phone number.

Tiered Rewards

Get advances and offer reward levels, allowing customers to bank their points to earn tiers or higher-Value loyalty rewards.

Reward at your POS

Automatically reward customers through the point of sale. Just enter the customer’s phone number to see their total points and ring up any loyalty program rewards earned at checkout.