Enquiry Management System

Enquiry Management

Enquiry Management System (EMS) is a solution developed to eradicate the complexity that numerous organizations face in monitoring the enquiries or leads that they get. The primary issue is how these organizations deal with these enquiries continuously.

Every business today has to keep track of all enquiries and sales leads that are generated. We have numerous sources from where different leads are generated. For various organizations its very difficult to manage enquiry and tracking of those leads and most importantly to know the conversion from the source of various sales leads. A good inquiry management system saves you a lot of time and efforts and in turn saves a lot of man hours for a company. We offer you just the same solution that you have been looking for.

  • User-Friendly
  • Flexibility for customization
  • Support
  • Mobile App
  • High Productivity UI
  • Multiliingual

Features of Enquiry Management System

  • Any enquiry needs to be registered and documented and so an enquiry registration panel is designed for the office administration.
  • The module provides two modes of enquiry registration: Front office enquiry registration and Online enquiry registration. This is a mandate in a school administration software.
  • An online form can be made available for the candidates where enquires can be registered online directly from the institute website.
  • Though these enquiries are registered from two different sources, front office and online, enquiry logs are categorically organized and maintained into the database reference-wise, agent-wise, etc.
  • The field structure in the enquiry registration panel is dynamic and can be defined as per client needs. This includes student details, enquiry details, admission mode, course, family details, etc.
  • A communication record can be noted in a separate window and categorized with reminders so that all the enquiry interaction is available to the admission office for future references. These communication records are very beneficial for scheduling future follow-ups.